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Racing pigeon eye sign book pdf

Racing Pigeons: A Manual describes the historical use of homing pigeons for communications and is a manual for the pigeon racing sport. Descended from the wild Blue Rock dove, homing pigeons have been highly valued since ancient times for sending messages in times of peace and war. Todays homing pigeons have been bred to perform better than ever. Pigeon racing has developed into a worldwide.


eye sign on eastern part of the world has whole new level of meaning and values, there are lots of breeds on Asian highfliers and each has a distinct coloring, pattern and layout on its eye making eye-sign a open book to learn what strain are there on the bird, even on cross breeds fanciers are able to diagnose the bloodlines mixed and thus can anticipate the birds nature and abilities which.

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Web. This ebook covers Racing Pigeon Eye Sign in Detail with All important Aspects to the Eye Sign.Aswell as Vital Important Information on Winning Feeding,Health,Breeding , the Loft and Disease and Medicine. A must have Guide for any Serious Racing Pigeon Fancier.


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